What’s the Goal?

Today, I’m 197.5 lbs. Back on June 25, I was 215.5 lbs. Obviously, I’ve managed to lose some weight. So the question is, where am I going?

When I ran XC in college I weighed 120-130 lbs. When I started as a paramedic, I was 140 lbs. When I ran my first two marathons, I was 195. So where do I go?

I don’t know. In some ways, it may be a “let’s see when we get there” deal. The primary goal will be making sure my blood sugar is under control. A second goal will be getting out of the “obese” range–figure about 170 is the maximum. A third goal will be getting my body fat to a normal range.

If I continue losing weight the way I am, I will be 190 at the end of August. Knocking off another 5 lbs before the Great Race would be a good idea, so that puts me at 185 for the start of October. From there, if I lose 1 lb a week (a much less satisfying but healthier rate of weight loss) and allowing for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I should be 170 by mid to late January, 2013.

We’ll see where things go from there. I doubt I’ll ever see my college cross-country runner weight of 120 lbs–at least not without some horrible disease or amputation. That was slightly anorexic even for me then. 140 lbs–my weight when I started as a paramedic? Maybe, but that’s a long way away. 150 might be more reasonable.

I don’t know. I’ll see when I’m a little closer.


BMI puts 170 lbs as the upper range of my normal weight. That’s 30 lbs to go. When I was at 200, that was about twice what I’d already lost. That’s the first goals

My body fat percentage is too high. Getting that down to a reasonable value is the next goal.


Suzie the Mourning Dove

Suzie the Baby Mourning Dove
Suzie the Baby Mourning Dove: Click on picture for larger image.

Katie, one of the young ladies from CrossOver, found a baby mourning dove in her backyard. The nest had been knocked out of the tree; the mother wasn’t coming around. She didn’t know what to do for the poor little bird and posted about it on Twitter.

Next thing I know, we’re caring for the baby bird with warmth and food. It ate well three times for us and left a couple nice poops. Birds are like human babies–part of making sure they’re OK is keeping track of how often and what they poop. What can I say?

Wildlife Rehab Building at the ARL Site
Wildlife Rehab Clinic at the ARL Site

I took it to the Pittsburgh Animal Rescue League Wildlife Rehabbers, who always do a wonderful job. Thanks to them for the wonderful job they do.

And yes, they do know me thereā€¦

PS: The ARL has a wonderful FAQ on what do do if you find a wild animal.


How Much Entertaining Do Angels Need Anyway?

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.–Hebrews 13:12

I was downtown to meet Floyd for lunch. I was early and was looking forward to a Crazy Mocha mocha and some WiFi time.

Walking from the parking lot, a foreign man on the street, carrying a handfull of papers, asked me in a soft, difficult to undertstand voice if I knew where the tax office was. I asked him if he wanted Federal or State, to which he replied “City.” I said I didn’t know where the tax office was, but that the Mayor’s Help Center on the first floor of the City/County building could help him. I pointed to the building, he said “Thanks,” and we were on our way in opposite directions.

As I walked away, I wondered: Couldn’t I have taken him to the Help Center? Would it have been that big an imposition? Maybe 5 minutes?

Who knows. It might have made his day. I mean, the poor guy was going to talk to the tax people.

Or maybe I’d have made him think some crazy guy was stalking him.

I tried.