How Much Entertaining Do Angels Need Anyway?

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.–Hebrews 13:12

I was downtown to meet Floyd for lunch. I was early and was looking forward to a Crazy Mocha mocha and some WiFi time.

Walking from the parking lot, a foreign man on the street, carrying a handfull of papers, asked me in a soft, difficult to undertstand voice if I knew where the tax office was. I asked him if he wanted Federal or State, to which he replied “City.” I said I didn’t know where the tax office was, but that the Mayor’s Help Center on the first floor of the City/County building could help him. I pointed to the building, he said “Thanks,” and we were on our way in opposite directions.

As I walked away, I wondered: Couldn’t I have taken him to the Help Center? Would it have been that big an imposition? Maybe 5 minutes?

Who knows. It might have made his day. I mean, the poor guy was going to talk to the tax people.

Or maybe I’d have made him think some crazy guy was stalking him.

I tried.

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