What’s the Goal?

Today, I’m 197.5 lbs. Back on June 25, I was 215.5 lbs. Obviously, I’ve managed to lose some weight. So the question is, where am I going?

When I ran XC in college I weighed 120-130 lbs. When I started as a paramedic, I was 140 lbs. When I ran my first two marathons, I was 195. So where do I go?

I don’t know. In some ways, it may be a “let’s see when we get there” deal. The primary goal will be making sure my blood sugar is under control. A second goal will be getting out of the “obese” range–figure about 170 is the maximum. A third goal will be getting my body fat to a normal range.

If I continue losing weight the way I am, I will be 190 at the end of August. Knocking off another 5 lbs before the Great Race would be a good idea, so that puts me at 185 for the start of October. From there, if I lose 1 lb a week (a much less satisfying but healthier rate of weight loss) and allowing for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I should be 170 by mid to late January, 2013.

We’ll see where things go from there. I doubt I’ll ever see my college cross-country runner weight of 120 lbs–at least not without some horrible disease or amputation. That was slightly anorexic even for me then. 140 lbs–my weight when I started as a paramedic? Maybe, but that’s a long way away. 150 might be more reasonable.

I don’t know. I’ll see when I’m a little closer.


BMI puts 170 lbs as the upper range of my normal weight. That’s 30 lbs to go. When I was at 200, that was about twice what I’d already lost. That’s the first goals

My body fat percentage is too high. Getting that down to a reasonable value is the next goal.


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