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Suzie the Mourning Dove

Suzie the Baby Mourning Dove
Suzie the Baby Mourning Dove: Click on picture for larger image.

Katie, one of the young ladies from CrossOver, found a baby mourning dove in her backyard. The nest had been knocked out of the tree; the mother wasn’t coming around. She didn’t know what to do for the poor little bird and posted about it on Twitter.

Next thing I know, we’re caring for the baby bird with warmth and food. It ate well three times for us and left a couple nice poops. Birds are like human babies–part of making sure they’re OK is keeping track of how often and what they poop. What can I say?

Wildlife Rehab Building at the ARL Site
Wildlife Rehab Clinic at the ARL Site

I took it to the Pittsburgh Animal Rescue League Wildlife Rehabbers, who always do a wonderful job. Thanks to them for the wonderful job they do.

And yes, they do know me thereā€¦

PS: The ARL has a wonderful FAQ on what do do if you find a wild animal.